Understanding “Operation 1027” from Media Reporting

BSI conducted social media research on the media publications about Operation 1027 during one month, starting from October 27th to November 26th, 2023, especially during the early stage of Operation 1027. The study included 9,218 posts of news and commentaries (written in Burmese) published by the media agencies. BSI centered its research on five key areas of issues and analyzed how the media have reported on these issues, as well as how the public interacted with their reporting. These issues include (1) the overview of the objectives of Operation 1027, (2) the role of China (3) the role of ethnic armed organizations (EAOs)/ ethnic revolutionary organizations (EROs) (4) the role of Myanmar military (Tatmadaw), and (5) the socio-economic impact and call for de-escalation.

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