Social Media Research Phase-2: Important events from January to December 2023

Once the whole country rallied behind the anti-coup movement, the objectives of the movement became the establishment of a federal democratic state where all ethnic and religious minorities were equal, citizens could enjoy freedom, and choose the government through free and fair elections, and the military under civilian control, rather than the restoration of the pre-2020 period. Different political actors such as political parties, activists, strike committees, EAOs/EROs (Ethnic Armed Organizations/Ethnic Revolutionary Organizations), civil society organizations, the NUG (National Unity Government), and the SAC (State Administration Council) began disseminating their ideas and visions through various social media platforms since then. Therefore, in this study, we tried to explore to what extent these new ideas and visions have been discussed or debated within the public domain and how citizens are informed or what kind of political information they are receiving in this very moment of political movement.

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